Research and Choose Your Niche

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Research and Choose Your Niche


Are you ready to research and choose your niche? Have You decided to create a blog or website? You came to the right place! Choosing a niche is the most important first step before creating your website. With so many niche ideas out there you can choose from, there is one most important tip to remember before you choose your interest. That is to choose something you are interested in and truly passionate about.
Below are a few keyword research tools that I use that can help you in choosing your niche and to learn more about the competition for your chosen interest.

Jaaxy This is a keyword research tool and one of the best I have found. This tool will allow you to type in a keyword and see how it ranks so you know how many people are searching for that particular keyword. This tool will also allow you to brainstorm and gives you other ways to word your niche to make it more searchable. See my full review on Jaxxy here.

SEMrush – I use this site to help me come up with blog post ideas. This site is an all in one marketing toolkit that will allow you to learn more about your competitors, find out what they’re ranking for and which keywords are being searched for. SEMrush

Google Keyword Planner – this is part of Google Adwords which allows you to do keyword research on the fly. It is the replacement for the Keyword External Tool but I’m not a huge fan of the interface.

Google Trends – seeing historic trends for particular keywords is important to get an idea of whether or not your niche is on the decline, or increasing in popularity.

Create a Map

Choosing your niche is something that you should research and really put a lot of thought into.

This is something that you are going to be writing about for years to come. Even if you have a good idea of the niche you want to blog about, create a map of all of your options just to be sure – you might be surprised about what you haven’t considered before. Add everything you can so that you have something like this:

Choose the perfect blogging niche


There are plenty of tools available to help you create maps to help get you started. Below are a few that I have used:

  • Mindmeister – online based mind mapping tool with advanced features and premium version
  • – basic online based mind mapping tool, no need to sign up for an account
  • Free Mind – open source mind mapping software, download for free with no limits


When you look at your top niche choices, it is important to ask yourself these important questions:

“Can I see myself still doing this in 3-5 years’ time?”

“Can I see myself writing over 50-200 blog posts on this topic?”

If you answered yes to those questions, then your niche choice or interest is a good choice for you as well as your website followers who will benefit and learn from your blog posts.

If you have any experience with choosing a niche and would like to comment about your experience or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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