Avoid Scams and Do What You Love

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Are you tired of your financial situation and unhappy as a result?


Do you want to avoid the scams and do what you love? Do you ever wish that you could find something you really enjoy doing and earn money in the process?

That is exactly how I felt. I have tried so many other things to be able to work at home. Some worked out but I wasn’t happy with the work I had to do and then some turned out to be too good to be true! This is when that old saying comes into play, “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is”.

Research Pays Off


After years of trying different work at home programs, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I researched and researched trying to find something wrong with it, and to my surprise, I found nothing but good reviews. I thought to myself, is it possible that I could actually start a website for free about something I love, go through top notch training, without having to buy anything”?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and I was suddenly a part of a community of people doing what they love and there was no pressure to upgrade to Premium membership and I could try it before I buy it so to speak. There are not many opportunities out there like that anymore, not legit programs anyway.


After joining as a free member, I went through the first two trainings on how to create my website. I was so excited at the welcome I received and loved what I was learning. It was so fun to create my own website with the help from a training module that literally walked me through every step of the way. It took me about two hours after joining as a free member to join the Premium membership. I wanted access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate had to offer. I was so excited!

As I was going through the trainings, my website was really starting to come together. I created an Affiliate website and created product reviews that I offered as part of my blog. After about 6 weeks from joining Wealthy Affiliate, my website became indexed and ranked in Google. Talk about a milestone! I could not be happier. I was well on my way of doing what I have wanted to do for some time but just had to weed through the scams out there.



So, if you are like I was and want to create a website for FREE and do what you love, join me and Wealthy Affiliate. Join as a free member and try it for yourself. If you decide to upgrade to premium that is great, but if not, you can remain a free member if you wish.

I wanted to share my experience with you and how I got started with my affiliate marketing website in hopes to save you from having to go through the long process of weeding through the scams out there. I hope this post has helped you and saved you a lot of time researching on the internet.

I will be honest! I am one of the most skeptical people I know when it comes to anything online. I will research until I am blue in the face as if I am trying to find something wrong with the program. Well, I am happy to say that joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision I could have made. There really are still legit programs out there with people who truly do care and willing to help you succeed.

Success Takes Work


If there is one thing of many that I have learned through my research, and can pass along to you, it is that creating a website and profiting from it does not happen overnight. It does take a lot of work, however if you are determined, passionate about your niche, you will succeed in no time.

I leave you with a challenge. If you have been thinking of creating a website, join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and try it out. I promise you won’t regret it. You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and visit my site. If you have any questions or want to comment about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, please leave your comment below. I would love to hear from you.



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